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Religious Exemption Request

Student Religious Exemption Request for Flu Vaccine Mandate

Flu Vaccination Requirement

The current COVID-19 pandemic makes vaccination for the upcoming 2020-21 flu season even more critical to help protect the health of our campus community, including students, staff and academics. A reduction in the number of influenza cases preserves valuable health care resources to prevent and treat COVID-19.

According to the University of California Executive Order, “all students, faculty, and staff living, learning, or working on premises at any UC location must receive a flu vaccine, unless they receive an approved medical exemption or disability or religious accommodation.” Therefore, all students and employees who will be accessing any UC Merced facility during the 2020-21 influenza season are required to receive and report their flu vaccination or submit an approved exemption or accommodation by Nov. 1, 2020. While the mandate applies to those who will be living, learning or working on campus, all members of the campus community - and their families - are strongly encouraged to get the flu vaccination.

For students who wish to be exempted from the flu vaccine due to religious accommodation can submit a "Religious Exemption Request". Please follow the steps below:

Submitting a Religious Exemption Request

  1. Student completes the UC Merced Student Religious Exemption Request and emails completed from to
  2. The form is reviewed by a committee comprised of:
    • Dean of Students Office (Armando Contreras)
    • Risk Services (Cindi Zimmerman)
    • Student Affairs (Lorene Fisher)
  3. The form with a decision to approve or deny is sent to the student
  4. Student uploads form to Student Health Portal 

For information about UCOP’s Flu Vaccine Mandate can be found here. For FAQs related to the mandate please visit: