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Scholarships are gift funds that are often awarded on the basis of financial need, merit, academic achievement, special talents, interest, or other criteria defined by the sponsoring organization or donor. Scholarship funds do not have to be repaid. UC Merced students can apply for aid through either institutional scholarships or outside/external scholarships.

Institutional Scholarships

UC Merced offers Institutional Scholarships, which are administered by the school designed to benefit undergraduate students. These scholarships are provided through the generosity of UC alumni, friends of UC Merced, corporations, businesses, professional associations and UC Merced. These funds are specific to UC Merced students only.

Outside/External Scholarships

There are excellent privately funded scholarships available to students and their families.  These awards do not need to be repaid and are funded from a variety of sources including community organizations, local and national foundations, state and federal agencies, and private donors. These funds are available to anyone who qualifies.

Below is a list of popular personalized scholarship search websites: