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Our Vision and Mission

Guiding Principles

The GUIDING PRINCIPLES of Student Affairs are transformational, inclusive, nimble, and impact.


  • We create life-changing experiences.
  • We create a highly personalized environment, keeping students at the center of all we do and at the forefront of our decision-making process.
  • We promote student success, learning and retention through the holistic development of students: intellectual, physical, psychological, career, social and spiritual.
  • We create Bobcat identity and pride for our central valley community
  • We support intellectual, professional and personal development for lifelong learning and careers in a dynamic, global society.
  • We are a learning organization and will enhance our own staff’s knowledge to meet the dynamic and growth challenges of our campus and to effectively serve students.


  • We champion and celebrate the diverse community of the campus and region through innovative outreach, awareness programs and advocacy.
  • We create conditions for excellence with the entire campus community.
  • We create programs and services available to all members of the University.
  • We expand learning opportunities through partnerships, collaboration and esprit de corps.
  • We maintain a sustainable community that is environmentally and socially conscious


  • We promote operational efficiency and effectiveness through the consolidation of services, unconventional partnerships and integration of new technologies
  • We are strategically positioned and ready to act
  • We meet the emerging needs of our students, faculty, staff and community
  • We balance needs through personalized service


  • We continuously strive to deliver programs and services with pride and distinction
  • We use research data, assessment results/findings to develop and refine our people, programs and services and enhance the community and region
  • We enhance the reputation of UC Merced
  • We aggressively seek to increase grants, donations and resources to further campus initiatives
  • We actively support efforts to publish and “tell our stories” through qualitative and quantitative data