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DOS Intern Initiatives


UC Merced students exemplify resilience that serves as a beacon of hope across all communities. The DOS office will foster and invest in opportunities that exist during this pandemic by encouraging community engagement and uplifting each student’s capital they bring to our community. These Student Intern Initiatives draw from the recommendations of an Active Minds study: “Focus on soft skills: Empathy, compassion, communication, understanding, and validation for the burdens students are experiencing”.  Students may feel disconnected due to the restrictions of the pandemic, but creating virtual, relatable, and accessible events will contribute to a sense of belonging that is crucial for growth and development of our students. 

Bobcats on The Map

Spoken Word Experience

Spoken Word Experience (PDF)



Celebration of Movement

Celebration of Movement (PDF)

Crucial Conversations, by Kamyar Nekoui (C/O 2020)

Students Kamyar Nekoui and Valerie Moss lead the charge in producing Crucial Conversation's content. 

Episode 4: Community Questions


Episode 3: Home and Family


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