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Spring 2021 Colloquium

University of California, Merced - Colloquium Documents

Spring 2021 Colloquium

Student Ready Division 2.0: Creating a Culturally Proficient Division

At the beginning of every semester, the Division of Student Affairs at UC Merced hosts the divisional colloquium with the intent of gathering to participate actively in a discussion on a central topic that supports our shared mission to advance the university’s commitment to Student Success by providing support, guidance, and resources that equip students with the tools to successfully accomplish their academic, career, and personal goals.

The word “colloquium” is derived from the Latin meaning “to talk together.” The word conveys a conversation that is both structured and informal, a meeting of minds that is both serious and spirited. This Spring’s Division of Student Affairs Colloquium will focus on social justice, inclusion, and equity and our shared responsibility to create a division that supports and celebrates these tenants of higher education.

Moving beyond cultural competency to proficiency is the next frontier of higher education. The Campaign for College Opportunity suggests “cultural “competence’ is not good enough for our students and the kind of future they aspire to. If education is to truly be in the opportunity-making business, college educators must go beyond tolerating or accepting diversity to achieve cultural proficiency.” Cultural proficiency becomes a set of beliefs and actions that lead educators to continuously provide relevant, challenging learning experiences and opportunities to grow. For the Division of Student Affairs at UC Merced, cultural proficiency will be the standard that changes how co-curricular education is delivered to improve student learning and preparation for career and life.

This Spring’s Colloquium will provide an opportunity for the division to learn, explore, and commit to enhancing our cultural proficiency – including cultural knowledge, cultural awareness, and cultural skills – and developing a division that cultivates student success with an emphasis on social justice, inclusion, and equity.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tara Yosso

Dr. Tara J. Yosso is a Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California Riverside. Her research and teaching apply the frameworks of critical race theory and critical media literacy to examine educational access and equity, emphasizing the community cultural wealth Students of Color bring to school.



Self-Assessment Survey

Handout: Spring 2021 Colloquium

Article: Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth by Tara Yosso

Research Brief: Reclaiming Our Histories, Recovering Community Cultural Wealth by Tara Yosso & Rebeca Burciaga


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